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Is there really a big difference is controlling a crowd and coaching a team? In both instances the biggest challenge is getting your audience to follow along with your commands and directions in hopes that everyone leaves having had the greatest time of their life.

While the most famous MC and coach is none other than Big Snoopy D-O-Double-G, there's another MC making strides in the lives of young boys. He goes by the name Masta Ace. If you've never heard of him, then you need to hit the HipHop history books. Catch up with the legend who lead off one of HipHop's most beloved songs after the jump.

The Coach

As big of an influence that HipHop and music can have on the lives of the youth, the impact of Masta Ace the coach is so much greater. Through the game of football, Ace is teaching his players discipline, teamwork and responsibility. I know he's not the only rapper to be doing something like this, but I definitely wanted to make sure I saluted him for proving that HipHop is more than its critics would dare to even acknowledge.

The Artist

Since his debut on The Symphony (one of my favorite songs of all time), I've been a big fan of Masta Ace. The album that turned my ears out was his 1995 classic Sittin' On Chrome. With this album I was on my Biggie ish cause I literally let the tape rock until it popped. It started with the bass-happy Born to Roll, but other gems on this album were U Can't Find Me, I.N.C. Ride, the title track plus some of the funniest skits you've ever heard on a HipHop album.

From there Ace took his rhymes to the new underground where he delivered two more concept-driven classics. The best of the two was the first, Disposable Arts. The story of the album revolves around Ace going to the HipHop University, IDA, to study after getting released from solitude -figuratively alluded to as jail.

In addition to the banger, Don't Understand (featuring Greg Nice), other favs are Enuff, Alphabet Soup, Block Episode and last but certainly not leat, Acknowledge. If you're not up on all your rap beef, Acknowledge was Ace's shot at reclaiming his face after VA's Boogieman murdered him live and in living color during a battle.

All in all, Masta Ace will probably never get the full props he deserves. I wanted to make sure I got mine in now.

Before ending this, it would only be right if I included this video:

Born to Roll- Lots of "T&A" and cars; as sophmore in high school I was sprung (No T-Pain).

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