Thursday Throwback: Mobb Deep

The G-Unit and incareration years, as well as the post-Jay-Z effect on Prodigy, may taint their overall legacy and impact on HipHop, but it would be extremely shortsighted to not include Mobb Deep as one of the great groups in HipHop. Starting with The Infamous, a retro-five mic classic, Havoc and P rode their trademark dark and eerie, yet soulful at the same time, sound from the Queensbridge housing projects to the top of the charts when they dropped Quiet Storm.

In the four years that transpired between Infamous and Murder Muzik, the game went through a drastic change. In many ways, The Mobb was forced to make their gangsta more accessible as pressure from the majors and and slightly indies (Bad Boy, Roc-A-Fella, No Limit, even Cash Money) ushered in a new era of HipHop, and new expectations of what was considered successful.

Rather than get caught somewhere in the middle, they chose to push it all the way to the mainstream with big budget videos directed by Hype Williams and a new gangster sound that was more closely aligned It Was Written minus the pink suit. Yet and still, Murder Muzik was a certified hit, classic and (I believe) platinum selling album. A year later P was still riding high when he dropped his first solo album, which featured him living the high life off of Muzik. Remember Diamond?

Unfortunately, the success didn't last too much longer. Everything changed fro Prodigy (and by extension Havoc) in 2001 when Jay-Z made a young Prodigy the first and last "contestant" on the infamous SummerJam screen. From that point on, it just seemed like Prodigy lost his will to rap. The classic lines all but dried up and, on the low, Havoc started murdering Prodigy in his verses.

Regardless of how the Mobb Deep story ends, there's no way in my mind that anyone can erase the history Mobb Deep made. Here are a couple of classic videos/songs that take me back to my high school and college days when I was borrowing my mother's car just to drive around downtown B-More and see the sights.

Give Up the Goods ft Big Noyd

G.O.D. Pt. III

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