And The Band Played On

If you happen to frequent these parts of the Internet on a regular basis and have ever wondered why The Roots have been the featured artists since the new look and feel debuted, this post is for you.

The answer is kind of two fold. The first is simply because I haven't figured out exactly how I plan to use the space. The second piece of the answer is because I knew this day was soon to come. Less than a week away from The Roots new album, How I Got Over, hitting stores, the illadelph natives recently released a new viral video set to the sounds of their song, Dear God 2.0.

Ever conscious of the struggle- both today and in year's past- the clip features images of African-American icons who played a prominent role in the advancement of colored people. On the second time through the clip I closed my eyes so as to focus soley on the music. As I listended to the somber intro, driven by a few simple piano chords and subtle drum pattern, I realized that the words are actually a prayer. Shortly after, the illest live-performing MC (Black Thought) I have ever seen comes through asking questions of God's ability and the soul of the USA today before fading out.

Not that I don't expect to be taken on a thought provoking journey through topics and subject matter that seems to be missing from most high profile HipHop, but if this is the vibe we can expect to hear throughout, Tuesday can't get here fast enough.

Peep the vid and then scroll down to see the actual video for the first single, which is also the title track from the album.


It's seems like forever and a day since I posted this song, but when it's timeless music, artists have the freedom to take their time with it.

Props to BBGUN on the direction.

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