A Future Without A Past

The Internet is an interesting entity. If nothing else, it is the driving force for our ever-evolving need for instant information (and in some cases gratification). In this world of Twitter, instant messaging and live streaming video, information is a few keystrokes and clicks away from billions of people at any given time. Yet, there seems to be a growing divide between today and yesterday; especially in HipHop.

How many interviews have you read or seen where one of today's artists is hesitant and/or defiant in acknowledging the artists that paved the way for them to be able to do what they do. And in many cases, it appears as if they don't even know anything about the artists to even know who they should be crediting.

Ultimately, the onus falls on the shoulders of the older generation for failing to teach the younger generation about said pioneers. As an artist who still carries the HipHop torch out of love for the art form, Wordsmith is doing his part to shed a little light on the subject by asking the question "What if?"

As the Art Fades Away, the third single from his debut album, Vintage Experience features the Baltimore MC encouraging today's artists and fans to pay homage to the pioneers that broke down the barriers that allow them to create and enjoy music in all of the different mediums available to us these days. Peep a few of the lyrics before watching the video:

Please research the birth of who's hot
Young crowds say that Nelly built rap
And Chingy, Yung Joc
Put it all on the map...
let me make it real clear for you cats
if the pioneers didn't make rap
yall wouldn't make crap
all facts
even got jacked
when a label owned everything
from your name to your tracks

Props to Olawale of 4 Sight Pictures for directing the video and Trey P. of Nu Revolution for the treatment.


In addition to continuing to promote his album, Wordsmith is on the verge of dropping a mixtape with DJ Delz entitled Jackin' For Beats. The first two leaks from the tape were posted a few weeks ago, but Words is back with a another leak before the 'tape drops on June 29.

Wordsmith- When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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