Thursday Throwback: 2Pac

Yesterday was Pac's birthday.

In honor of his born day, I figured I dedicate today's Thursday Throwback to him. The only "problem" is that I'm not really the biggest Pac fan. Of course, he had songs, but out of his extensive catalog, there's really only two albums worth owning IMHO- Thug Life Vol. I and Makavelli. Other than these two, the rest of his catalog is relegated to a series of singles.

Taking into consideration that I really focus on the throwback piece to these posts, my goal was to select two videos from albums prior to All Eyez on Me. In searching for these I realized that I may be more of a 2Pac fan than I realized. So without further hesitation, respect the God MC, activist, lunatic, actor and fallen soldier. Salute!

When My Homies Call

Pour Out A Little Liquor

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