You On Point Tip?

An extended hiatus in HipHop is damn near a death sentence to one's career, especially when it happens to be an artist's third time having to watch the game from the bench. However, a few select artists have what it takes to overcome such obstacles to deliver material that literally has listeners thinking that said artist never left. In this case, his name is T.I.(P.) and his latest mixtape is equally a declaration of his disregard for the court the game's being played on and his assessment of what it takes to truly relish more than a couple of championship rings.

It took me awhile to even want to listen to F*ck A Mixtape, not because I thought it would be status. It really came down to not knowing what to expect. I'm Back was cool (much cooler now), but I just couldn't put a finger on where this tape would land. Turns out, I shouldn't have doubted the Bankhead representer.

From the very beginning, T.I. make it crystal clear that his time "away at college" was not spent in vain. Nor did it change who he is an artist. Instead of taking what would have easily been the expected path and fill the 'tape with reflections shaped by his time away or messages that fall a great distance from gun talk and general street violence, T.I. almost defiantly takes the listener back to his Trap Muzik days. In addition, you'll also notice that the normally braggadocios and confident MC also seems to be carrying an even bigger chip on his shoulder. If being apart makes the streets miss you, someone forgot to send Tip the message.

Throughout this 22-track journey through the mind of the "King of the South," it'd be difficult not to notice that T.I. once again feels like his time on the bench led the streets to believe that he was replaceable and no longer worthy of his self-proclaimed title. If you remember the last time he felt this way, then you'd remember why you've either forgotten or never heard of Lil Flip. As a reminder and warning shot to all those that think the crown is up for grabs, Tip delivers blow after to blow to artists who mixtape popularity has convinced them that they have a realistic claim at his title.

Simultaneously, he takes a few opportunities to speak to those who spent a little too much time with his name in their mouth. Without any need to read between the lines, Tip delivers a clear message with these lines on Spazz out.
Way that you b!tch and moan
Like a broad you need titties on
And I'm straight
Don't get me wrong shawty
I aint into dudes
Talk about your music
Not me in your interviews

Later on the outro, which features T.I. channeling the humor genes of participating comedians Jamie Foxx, Lil Duval and Kevin Hart, he addresses all those that wonder who the lyrics presented throughout the tape are directed at by simply stating, "I'm talking bout you!"

Before concluding what turns out to be the best mixtape I've heard thus far this year, T.I. takes 4:34 to remind everyone that while he can easily take things "back to the trap," he still has the ability to deliver songs that will further push him into the consciousness of Top 40 listeners with Got Your Back.

If it isn't clear that you need to download F#ck A Mixtape, then it must because I wrote too much. Download this 'tape if you've been waitng for more than just the return of T.I. Download it if you've been fiending to hear the return of the MC that dropped classics like 24s and ASAP to name just a couple.

DJ Drama and DJ MLK present TI- F*ck A Mixtape

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