Clearly Christian

Music and liquor make parties. So it's only natural for liquor companies to look for opportunities to align themselves with the artists making the music. For a long time HipHop presented itself as the champion of dark. Hennessey, Remy and Courvoisier ruled the day, as they recieved each recieved more shout outs in verses than the man upstairs himself.

However, over the last seven or eight years, a new player has emerged as the drink of choice. While T.I. and Ludacris continue to rep for the dark side, everyone from Roc-a-fella to Jermaine Dupri to Diddy have take a chance to ride the vodka train to innebriated pay days.

At the same time, companies have been using technology and social media to take their brands past sponsorship opportunities and logo displays on the walls on red carpets, and bringing them to life. Case in point, just a few months ago Absolut hooked up with Jay-Z for a documentary the chronicled his 9-11 show at Madison Square Garden. Now Belvedere has teamed up with Christian Rich to explore a day in the life of the Chi-town duo as they kick ith with their manager and his crew, N.E.R.D.

Don't forget to download CR's latest mixtape, The Decadence!

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