The Fallen

Outside of the season, I can't think of any point or time when the word fall is being associated with something positive. With his new joint, The Fallen, Detroit native Young Scolla is out to prove that he is resistant to succumbing to the same fate as those that have fallen before him and around him.

If you were to only listen to the chorus, you may get the impression that Fallen is just another ode to haters. I mean, every rapper has them right? So why not address them? Paying close attention to the lyrics, you realize that Scolla is actually dropping gems on everthing from the trials of being an artist to the true reach of politics over an infectious beat highlighted by the somber choral sample.

I feel like when you're down to nothing
God's up to something
I keep that in my mind
As I keep to my grind

Young Scolla- The Fallen (produced by Tecknowledgy)

Scolla's new street album, Tears and Triumphs drops in August!

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