Where You Came From?

Even though his Major Major mixtape dropped a mere five months ago, Under Sound music's E-Major is already prepping the release of a new project. The EP, E-Major is ... Better Than Yours, is set to be released in collaboration with Jerome Baker III's Better Than Yours in August.

The first drop from Better is a breezy, "summer love type" track dedicated to meeting that girl that takes your breath away the minute you meet her; admidst the crowd of  look-a-likes, she stands out as something truly one-of-a-kind. The track was produced by Major and features NC's King Mez and DC's J Hill. Also featured on the track are the scratches from super DJ, DJ Face.

Be on the lookout for Better, coming soon!

E-Major ft King Mez & J Hill- Where You Came From?

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