When the subject of Snoop Dogg production is brought up Dr. Dre's name probably comes to mind almost instantly. However, there are a couple of other producers that Snoop has successfully collaborated with. You may have heard of them; they go by The Neptunes.

Since Beautiful, Snoop, Pharell and Chad have teamed up to drop songs that have taken the D-O-GG's popularity to even greater heights. Of all the classic songs Snoop has released during his career, the only one to have reached number one on the Billboard charts was Drop It Like it's Hot. In honor of the contemporary classics Snoop and The Neptunes have been making, Jerome Baker III recently put together a 25-minute mix, "showcasing the quality music," that has been born from their collaborations.

If you need a little West/Virginia (no Mountaineer) love in your life, Yessir! is here for you.

Better Than Yours & Jerome Baker III present Yessir! The Best of Snoop Dogg & The Neptunes

Bonus: Summertime Classic!

Snoop ft Pharell & Charlie Wilson- Beautiful

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