Dear SumHer

Dear SumHer,

I know I told you that I wouldn't complain about you when your evil twin, Winter, was killing me with record-setting back-to-back snowstorms, but I believe in telling the truth. The back-to-back 100 degree, 85% humidity days are just as torturing. I know you are only trying to spread love, but a little less love never hurt anyone too badly.

Fortunately, PHZ-Sicks and Best Kept Secret came through and dropped a laid back, chill-inducing single to help music lovers get through your dog days.

PHZ-Sicks- SumHer Everlasting (produced by Best Kept Secret)

SumHer Everlasting is the first single from PHZ-Sicks upcoming mixtape, The Laws of PHZ-Sicks, which will be dropping in September. In the meantime, check out his latest project, Less Than Zero.

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