Hot (Music)

Just as he continues to become a better MC and prove it with every release, Lyricss is building one hell of a library of videos. His latest, Hot Music, brings to life a precisely-executed, lyrical monsoon over one of the most famous B-More club and house records of all time.

Everybody is street
Everybody is realer
Every squad is deep
Everybody's a killa
Peep the scenery:

Since I know you need this song in your life, get to downloading.

Hot Music was directed by Dante Bailey (Knowledgeable Ent.), Backie Thomas (Cool Kids Forever Films) and Langston Sessoms (Inner Loop Media Group)

Bonus: Since he shouted him out, it's only right to show some love to one of the inspirations behind the track.

K-Os- Superstar Pt. Zero

So dope!

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