After spending some time with my little brother from the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program yesterday and tapping deeper into the thoughts and experiences of this kid that literally lives in the "Home of The Wire," these two songs really spoke to me.

First up, John Legend and The Roots, along with Melanie Fiona and Common, pay homage to the legend that is Teddy Pendergrass with a remake of Wake-Up.

Wake Up is the title track from the new collab project between Legend and The Roots which drops on September 21.

Next up, Young Scolla recruits Boaz and S. Money as they ask the man above to Give [Them] a Sign.

When I reflect on the conversations I have with my little brother, I am constantly amazed by the things he says and does. In the same minute that he says something damn near profound for a kid his age, he turns around and says or does something that shows a complete lack of home training. Part of me understands that everyone human on Earth is capabale of this feat, but it's weird (and frustrating at times) trying to alter a reality he lives everyday.

As I try to wake up his mind to all that exists beyond the images and experiences he sees, lives and breathes on a daily basis, I always try to instill a sign or two that I hope stick with him throughout his travels. And I'm beginning to realize doing this for him has done the same for me.

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