Super High

Milly July's Running After You is a deceptively clever song.

The first couple of times that I listened to it I kind of just assumed that it was another dope ode to summer love. But as I dug a little deeper and listened a little closer I began to realize that the song may actually have completely different connotations. Love may still be the central theme, but it sounds like the Baltimore native is talking about chasing a high, and the subsequent damage and pain it causes. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

<a href="http://maniamusicgroup.bandcamp.com/track/milly-july-running-after-you">Milly July - Running After You by Mania Music Group</a>

Running is featured on Mania Music Group's Welcome to the Audience compilation album. It was released on June 15 via all of the online outlets you've come to know and love. For now, download Running, and then go check out Audience.

Milly July- Running After You

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