Throwback Thursday: Ball & G

Even though my ears were raised on eastcoast HipHop, I've always been open to HipHop from other parts of the country. When N.W.A. came straigh outta Compton to express themselves, I was doing the same thing (minus the Compton part). When the Geto Boys' minds were playing trick on them, I thought mine was too. When Death Row was celebrating Dre Day, I was ... you get the drift.

In the summer of '95, I was watching The Box one day when the following video came on. Two seconds in, and it became one of my favorite songs of all time.

Eightball & MJG- Spaceage Pimpin'

Constantly telling me the things you don't do/ Yet you do it like a pro and think that I don't know/ But I do/ That's why I'm here with you/ and you know this

I only pulled out these few lines, but Ball's entire verse is a HipHop Quotable Hall of Fame inductee.

Two years later the dynamic duo taught me about Candy.

At a time when Bad Boy was killing the game with widely-known and recognized samples, Ball & G's Candy proved that artists from the South could make songs that were on par with the likes of Mo Money, Mo Problems, Can't Nobody Hold Me Down and other song you want to throw in this category. Maybethat's why Puff signed them in '04.


Strip club anthem!

Tela ft Ball & G- Sho Nuff

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