Light Up

With the release of his latest mixtape, George Kush Da Button, Smoke Dza is out to prove that he deserves to be considered among the elite group of up-and-coming rhymers. While cohorts like Mickey Factz and Curren$y have been able to garner acknowledgement on a higher level, Dza has been running right along with them.

As you listen to George Kush the thing that hits you the most is the vibe. Dza isn't an all up in your face type of rapper. Instead, he draws listeners in with a laid back flow and delivery that support his stoner-like lifestyle and demeanor. And when paired with production from the red hot Ski Beatz and fellow up-and-comer Big K.R.I.T., Dza creates the perfect soundtrack to relax to. Whether it's the muted horns on Sour Hour, the 80's sounding synths on Good Talk and I'm Sayin or the introspective themes of Sounds of the Indo or Lost it's safe to say that George Kush will put you in a relaxed state of mind even without smoking.

Smoke Dza- George Kush Da Button


Smoke Dza ft Den 10- Continental Kush Breakfast

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