It's A Wonderful World

With the official start to Howard's homecoming getting under way tonight, there's going to be a million and one events celebrating the greatest college weekend of all time in the history of college weekends. Also celebrating is Grammy Award-winning producer, 9th Wonder. Two days ago, the first release from 9th's new label, It's A Wonderful World, hit iTunes. The compilation features a variety of Justus League-affiliated artists including Skyzoo, Khrysis and The Away Team, but the obvious goal was to introduce the world to the stable of artists representing It's A Wonderful World music group (IWWMG).

In support of the album and, what I can only assume, Howard's Homecoming, the whole IWWMG crew will be making their way to Cmonwealth tonight for a meet and greet. The event starts at 8 and runs through 10.

Come through to mix and mingle with the IMMG crew while the ultra talented True School DJ, DJ Face spins his usual assortment of classic HipHop. And if you're 21+, Belvedere is holding down the drinks.

Bonus: The first single from It's A Wonderful World

9thMatic (Wonder) ft Khrysis & Big Remo- 1000ft.

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