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Long before the world knew his name and the talent he possessed, Raheem Devaughn was known around the D.M.V. for his Street Experience mixtape series, which featured Devaughn mixing original music with re-imaginations of songs known and unknown. It was literally the R&B version of what 50 Cent was doing around the time of GRoDT.

Fast forward a few years and Radio Rah is now an internationally-known R&B crooner and co-owner of a label. Yet, he continues to stay true to his roots of sorts (can't forget the work he put in with W. Ellington Felton). Earlier this year it was, Mr. February, now it's Jackin' 4 Beats.

Featuring his personal take on songs from Kanye West, Drake, Lil Wayne, among others, along with a handful of original songs, Jackin' gives the listener exactly what they've come to expect from a Raheem Devaughn mixtape.

Sidebar: On volume five of the Street Experience series, I remember hearing Devaughn covering Andre 3000's Prototype and thinking it was the greatest cover ever. Even though Mr. Benjamin can't be considered a true singer, his song was damn near perfect. But hearing a true singer give the song it's true wings, took the song to a whole 'nother level.

And interestingly enough, Jesse Boykin's cover of the song evokes the same type of feeling.

Raheem Devaughn- Jackin' 4 Beats (Mixed by DJ Money)


Strictly for the ladies: Single

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