Change of Scenery

Every now and then we all need a change of scenery. Whether you physically travel to a different place or simply close your eyes and drift off mentally, the most important thing is to separate yourself from the mundane and acquire new perspective you can use to progress.

With the release of his new video, B-More's E-Major uses the beautiful landscapes and sights of Los Angeles and Hollywood to help explain why he is the Feature Presentation.

Watch as E-Major gives you new perspective on his progress as an artist.

Watching this Feature Presentation video was difficult. Not cause I think the video is wack. On the contrary, the visuals were super dope. My "issue" is that it was snowing outside of my window as I watched it. Goodbye Summer! Hello Winter!

Feature Presentation is featured on E-Major's The Major Major Mixtape. Hit the link to download.

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