Don't Call It A Comeback

In many ways, this title applies moreso to me than to the actual subject of this post, Chris Brown. Luckily for me, my hiatus wasn't the result of ummm...you know...yeah that.

At any rate, during the last few months of my failure to update there has been a slew of posts that should have been made. This is me making up for lost time and playing catch-up for the future. Hopefully, I'll be able to achieve this without crying my way through an MJ tribute performance or encouraging any and everybody to extend their index fingers and let their middle fingers follow.

As I thought about my re-entry into the blogsphere, I would have never guessed that C. Breezy would be the artist that brought me back. Maybe it's because I was inspired by his ascension back to the top. (Editor's note: This is a blatant lie, I was never at the top.) Or maybe it's because Dueces and No Bullsh!t are the sugar honey iced tea. Or maybe it's because I was being lazy and the crying and Dueces jokes was too easy not to pass up.

Whatever the reason, Chris Brown is back in his "zone" with a revamped version of the his Valentine's Day mixtape, In My Zone. I'm back to doing what I do. And you, the reader, are back to ride the graviti train.

DJ Drama presents Chris Brown- In My Zone

And shout out to DJ Babey Drew, C. Brown's official DJ and Hampton U. grad!

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