Life Change

In this 24/7 music cycle we live in, it's become increasingly easy for listeners to care about an album and be done with it no more than a week later. Yet and still, albums are intended to be timeless.

Just when Clipse's banger Til the Casket Drops had fallen off of my radar, they drop a video for Life Change. Having now seen one of my favorite tracks from the album come to life, I immediately pulled the CD off of the shelf and put it back in my car (how "old school" of me, huh?).

One can only assume that the timing of this release has to have something to do with the promo train Malice is currently riding. Not to mention, the wave Pusha has been riding now that he's in the G.O.O.D. Music family.

Just for the record. On this song: Malice's verses > Pusha T's verses.

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