New Year's Resolutions

As the calendar winds down and prepares to rebrand itself 2011, everyone and their uncle will begin their annual proclamations of "getting in shape" or "getting fit." Even though we all know that 95% of them won't be changing their routines even a little.

Brake Fast Record's Dirt Platoon, however, would rather show and prove than talk and do nothing. As evidenced by the visuals in the second video release from their album Deeper Than Dirt, Raf and Snook recognize the challenges that lay in front of them on their path to the top. If HipHop is indeed a battlefield, Dirt Platoon is, "in all-out training mode [as they] prepare for both lyrical and physical battle to run over rappers like Ray Rice."

To listen and download Deeper Than Dirt hit either of these sites.

Dirt Platoon- Almighty (Produced by Tom Delay)

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