Opposite of Hot

HipHop lingo is funny. Sometimes antonyms in the "King's English" can actually mean the same thing under the umbrella of HipHop. There are no better examples of this seemingly contradictive situation than the terms "hot" and "cold."

If you were to ask an elementary school student whether or not these words represented polar (no pun intended) opposites, they would easily give you the gas face for asking such a stupid question. However, as the world discovered through HipHop's global domination has impacted just about everyone's lives in some, way, shape or form, HipHop lives and dies by its own rules.

On his new song Cold, Greenspan takes time to embody this exact "contradiction" to a tee.

Your conversations about rap music is a joke for real
don't care about your top five
either you like my songs or you don't for real

Greenspan - Cold (Produced by F Major of Mizfitz Soundz)

Cold is said to be the lead from the upcoming Dope Melodies and Heavy Bass project. In the meantime, check out Got Green 2 and be on the lookout for a video for Keep Up.

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