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Captain Obvious Moment of the Day: I blog.

Captain Obvious Moment of the Day Pt. Deux: I read other people's blogs.

The thing that might not be so obvious is that one of the blogs/sites that I frequent the most, above all else, is this little site you may have heard of called The Smoking Section (TSS).

Recently, Kodak and Respect. magazine reached out to the architect of the TSS matrix to be a featured in their Movers and Shakers series, which focused on four people who are helping shape and bring life to HipHop.

See into the mind of the characteristically anonymous founder and editor of one of the best sites on the net. Ladies and gentlemen, Kodak and Respect. present John Gotty.

Having had the chance to shoot the breeze with Gotty on a more than a few occasions over the past few years, I've always been impressed with Gotty's ease of sharing information and insight. In this "I can't do nothin' for ya man" world we live in and cut-throat industry, you don't come across the John Gotty mentality too often. Maybe that's one of the many reasons why nearly 23 million people have made their way over to TSS in the 5+ years of the site.

To check out the three other features in the series, hit the Respect. link above. And don't forget to make your way over to TSS.

Shout out to Gotty and the entire TSS crew. Keep up the good work!

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modi said...

finally, my man gotty shows face. this joint is smooth. i'm just upset that kodak linked with respect magazine but didn't make the most of their collabo. why would i care about kodak after watching that? at all?

that's my only gripe. gotty had wise words as far as the internet is concerned, and he's right. you can be anywhere and still make shit work on the internet. i'm tryna be like him.

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