It's become almost cliche for rappers to talk about their sound being a throwback to the Golden Era of HipHop. It's not that their intentions are misguided, it's more about the thought that rhyming over a 90s classic or a beat that sounds like it came from that era doesn't exactly equate to a throwback sound. The pieces of the formula that are sometimes missing are the bravado, rhyme style and vocal inflections.

Enter Kane Mayfield. With his new single Wreck, Mayfield does exactly what other MCs aspire to do; only he does it with an unbridled authenticity that had me doing a double take as the song blasted through my laptop speakers.
In the land of the blind I'm a Cyclops

Wreck is the first single from the upcoming Follow My Flow project.

Kane Mayfield- Wreck


Props to Mayfield and the whole Mania Music Group for the artwork. Mitch Green will forever be an infamous "victim" in sports. If you don't know who he is, check this out:

This clip is classic for so many reasons: the comedy of it all, Robin Givens, Maury Povich, Mitch Green's eye and Green's non-PC proclamations of who Mike Tyson really is.

Side note: Coincidentally, the fight took place at Dappa Dan's, the clothing store that outfitted many a rapper with custom "Gucci" gear. But for the record this store should not be confused with MMG's Dappa Dan Midas.

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