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For all the fame and notoriety artists achieve in HipHop, often times, the people who crafted the sound that became your favorite song go unacknowledged. For years producers were only to be heard and not seen. Liner note readers may have known the name behind the sonic landscapes they loved, but not necessarily what said producer looked like. Of course, there has always been a handful of super producers who were able to step in front of the keyboards and MPCs, but by and large producers were "ghostfaces."

Luckily, the prominence of the Internet has helped shift more focus onto producers over the last few years, as many have made a name for themselves by featuring their beats on sites like Myspace and by using chat rooms and message boards to connect with artists all over the world.

One example of the greatness that can come from these types of relationships is the connection shared by MC Wordsmith and his in-house producer Strada. Over the last four and a half years, the two have been crafting music that have kept heads nodding in the U.S., Canada and across the globe.

On Friday the producer extraordinaire will be releasing his first instrumental mixtape, entitled Acoustic Treatment. The 'tape will be comprised of, "fine-tuned instrumental releases of Strada and Wordsmith's prior work."

Just because the Nu Revolution crew likes to keep you on your toes, they leaked the Back In (rmx) featuring vocals from Chubb Rock and Wordsmith along with Jakk Frost and Sha Stimuli. The track is a bonus from the instrumental mixtape.

Not ones to sit back and dwell on their accomplishments Nu Revolution family, they have a mixtape dropping on February 7. The mixtape, entitled Super Hero Theme Music Vol. 1, features the whole Nu Revolution crew (Wordsmith, Kontact, Black Knight and Whitefolkz) coming together on some X-Men ish to represent from HipHop. Peep the cover and them download the first single from the project Pressure Cooker.

Nu Revolution Camp- Pressure Cooker (Produced by Benny Rome of Drum Majors ATL)

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