Battle Royal

Talking about Black Thought’s ability to mimic other MCs got me to thinking about The Last Emperor, another Philly MC with the penchant for mimicking MCs. There is a slight difference in that he only goes in few bars at a time, but the concept of these records is on some other ish altogether. If you’ve never heard these before, prepare for a couple Secret Wars.

Pt. I

Pt. II

Trivia question: Did you know The Last Emperor was one of the first artists signed by Dr. Dre when he launched Aftermath after defecting Death Row? If the Rakim situation taught you anything, then you can guess how it turned out.

However, at the time, this was a major deal for “underground” artists. I’m sure some purists were skeptical, but a lot of people were definitely watching to see how this played out because who would have ever guessed that the combo of an underground east coast MC putting in work with the west coast legend that owned the late 80s and early 90s. And don’t forget to factor in the fact that Rawkus (R.I.P.) hadn’t blown up yet.

For more information on The Last Emperor, including his new material, hit is site. And tell him Ghostface Marcus sent ya. lol

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