Beat, Rhymes & Fights

Having just premiered and received great accolades at this year's Sundance Film Festival, I can't wait to see the Michael Rappaport-directed documentary Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Story of A Tribe Called Quest. The documentary, which chronicles the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest, is heavily based on Tribe's reunion during the Rock The Bells tour in '08. Through interviews and raw footage, the audience is treated to gems like how songs became to fruition and tragedy as the internal strife that lead to their break-up in 1998 resurfaces.

A lot has been said about this film in the last two months. Q-Tip has come out against it and was a no show (along with Jarobi) at the premier. Meanwhile, Phife has reveled in love and accolades of their history, even if said history isn't fairytale-like.

Somethings are meant to be forever. People grow older and grow in different directions. It would be awesome if Tribe was actually still a tribe, but that's just not the reality of the situation. That's what makes the music that much more important. The ability to own the best of their collaborative efforts allows to remember the group in the best light. We have the choice to focus on what they became, but I'm choosing to focus on the music that helped shaped my life and HipHop in general.

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