Brand New & Heavy

With a plethora of artists that have impacted music over the years, it's easy to forget an artist or 10 from time to time. It wasn't until Jerome Baker III told me that he was dropping a Brand New Heavies mix that I remembered how much I used to dig their music.

If you're not familiar with them or their music, here's your chance to catch up and be entertained.

Word from the creator:
I'd say I've been a fan of really good music since the early 90s and the Brand New Heavies were responsible for that. They were fusing hip hop, rock, soul and funk and blowing my ears away. Having their videos played on BET, when BET was good, gave a gritty visual of rappers such as Grand Puba & Large Professor having jam sessions with the Heavies and creating super. dope. music. Compiling the music for this mix brought me back to the early 90s and that smooth jazz/funk/soul sound that I am such a fan of. Mix starts with a dope Donnie Simpson interlude and an Ummah remix as well, while the rest just contains REALLY GOOD Brand New Heavies Songs.

Better Than Yours presents Jerome Baker III- Really Good Brand New Heavies Songs

Bonus: A couple of my favorite joints

Never Stop

Brother Sister

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