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Even though some folks try to act like the South is a new fad, only a fool would argue against the region's long history in HipHop. Since I'm not from the "Dirty," I'm sure to forget a pioneer or two, but I definitely remember growing up to the sounds of Scarface and the Geto Boyz and Uncle Luke.

While they may not have influenced me the same way that artists from NYC did, the fact remains that 2 Live Crew videos were like free porn, Halloween was never the same once Bushwick's mind played tricks on him. Then, while I was a junior in high school, a couple of dudes from Atlanta dropped an album with a title that literally looked like the alphabet. Their sound was unlike anything I had ever heard, and quite frankly, I didn't understand or like it.

It wasn't until I got to college and exposed to folks from all over the country that I gained an understanding of the knowledge that Outkast was putting down. It still wasn't for me, but at least I had some history behind it. Around this time, another group from ATL began making noise. Upon first listen, I was more receptive to Goodie Mob. While Cell Therapy was cool, the song that did it for me was Soul Food.

As my freshman year came to a close, I was fortunate enough to experience ATL at it's "finest" when my friends and I hit the road to attend Freaknic. I realize it was ATL on 1000%, but it gave me perspective that solidified Southernplayalisticcadillacfunkymuzic. That summer, ATLiens released and the rest was history as Elevators officially made me a fan of Outkast and the whole Dungeon family.

In honor of the impact The Dungeon Family has had on Atlanta and HipHop in general, The Diggers Union put together The History of The Dungeon Family. The mixtape features many of your favorite joints- from Elevators to Watch For The Hook. It also features drops from various Dungeon Family members dropping knowledge on their sound, including an interesting story involving LA Reid and Rosie Perez.

The Diggers Union presents History of the Dungeon Family (Mixed by DJs Mars, Bobby Black and Stefan)

Picture courtesy of Fresh Milc

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