For The Free

Collaboration is the lifeblood of the music industry. If everyone worked independent of one another, music as a whole would probably be somewhere between shitty and no so shitty. Of course, a few artists would still find a way to shine, but the overwhelming majority wouldn't.

In a show of their collaborative spirit, Baltimore's Mania Music Group recently put out a collection of self-produced, never been touched instrumentals in hopes that other artists would be inclined to jump on the tracks. According to Mania's Bealack, For The Free is also their way of, paying it forward to the next batch of up and coming artists that will be doing their thing in the future."

Mania Music Group presents For The Free

I'd like to challenge any and all artists out there to take one of these beats and do what you do best. Send it to me, and if get enough responses, I'll take the best of the best and make a "Best Of" mixtape out of it. Sound good? To submit your track, hit the email address to the right and put MANIA in the subject line.

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