The Interlude

When Busta Rhymes' The Coming dropped back in '96 I remember my friends and and I going crazy a few times over what we thought was the next track only for it to end up being an interlude. And each time one of those interludes played, we'd always wonder why he hadn't chosen to rhyme over some of those beats.

Over the years I'm sure the question has arisen time and time again as interludes have been "wasted" while actual tracks should have actually being thrown in the waste basket. Now 14 years after Busta had my friends and I wondering "what if," The Kid Daytona comes through with the genius idea of rhyming over a handful of tracks inspired by some of the illest interludes ever produced on the perfectly titled The Interlude.

Even though I know he's proven himself capable of rhyming over any type of beat, including gangsta surprises like Take Aim, Daytona's conversational flow shines the brightest on laid back, jazzy tracks. And as his question to 6th Sense at the beginning of Never Be The Same suggests he knows it.

If the Interlude is your first introduction to The Kid Daytona, take a few minutes to listen to the next in line (along with Mickey Factz) to carry the torch for the boro that created HipHop.

Joints to Check For:

- Fly Lullaby
- Lifted
- Padma (So Buttery)
- Never Be The Same
- Contemplation

LRG presents The Kid Daytona- The Interlude

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