Law Abiding Citizen

Just as Gerard Butler felt the need to take the law in his own hands in the movie referenced in the title, PHZ-Sicks has decided to do the same. As I mentioned in Monday's post, art is whatever the creator decides it is. But to make that a reality, said artist has to take full ownership of the vision and creative process that lead to the final product.

Having created, thrown away and re-created the songs that now make up his latest mixtape, the "modern day Jay Gatsby" emerges from the lab with a new creation consisting of stories of capitializing on opportunities (No More Breaks), his Legacy, Success/Failure and the attraction of the opposite sex (SumHer Everlasting).

Joints to Check For:

A Nu Day (ft Ihsan Bilal)
SumHer Everlasting
Superhero Theme
Success/Failure (ft Young Scolla)

Anml Hse, HipHop Update and Quintin present PHZ-Sicks- Law of PHZ-Sicks

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