The Laws of PHZ-Sicks

Art, by virtue, is lawless. During it's creation, an artist is limited by little more than their imagination and the tools they use along the path to completion of a project. With his latest mixtape The Laws of PHZ-Sicks the D.M.V. native known for his explosive delivery sets out on a journey to bring music lovers closer to the artist behind Feature Presentation and Less Than Zero.

You got people out here that are willing to die for their art, and I'm willing to die for my art...I'm willing to, if I don't feel that it's right, take all of the art and burn it.

The Laws of PHZ-Sicks drops this Wednesday courtesy of Anml Hse, HipHop Update and Quintin.

If you're like me and still enjoy the days of opening the wrapper on an actual CD, you can cop a autographed copy of the mixtape here.

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