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Having just attended The Roots concert last week, coming across a live mixtape by J. Period and featuring Black Thought  is the find of the week. By the Internet’s standards, this mixtape is damn near a relic. But watching it was almost like re-living the show.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending a Roots Crew concert, you may be missing the greatest show on Earth. I expect nothing less that entertainment on the highest level. Yet, they still find a way to surpass my expectations. Every note is precise and, even more amazingly, every word Black Thought spits is clear as day. Of all of the rap shows I’ve seen in my lifetime, there isn’t an MC alive that can outperform Tariq Trotter during a show.

For someone who’s admitted (at least in the past) to being a heavy connoisseur of Miss Mary Jane, Thought has impeccable breath control. Whereas some rappers need a hype man or the track behind them to make their way through a song, Thought seemingly needs no one (Note: ?uest, Kamal and Captain Kirk drop in with supporting vocals at times.) But not only does Thought spit with clarity, he also has the ability to go off on these marathon-like runs where he spits bars two and three minutes at a time at a speed just south of Twista. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen at a concert. And every time I see it, somewhere in the middle of the second run, I kind of stop myself in the moment and think something along the lines of, “Holy ish, this is f-ing amazing.”

And as if that weren’t enough, Thought also has the lyrical abilities of a chameleon in that he can mimic the sounds, inflections and tones of a handful of other MCs; including the signature Kool G. Rap lisp. It’s really enough to make Aries Spears stop doing this joke.

Rather than continue trying to continue to describe how Blck Thought gets down, watch the video of his performance a couple of months ago with super DJ and producer J. Period in Toronto, then download the audio.

Live Mixtape- T-Dot

J. Period and Black Thought present Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)

A joint I hadn’t heard or seen in awhile.

Concerto of the Desperado

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