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Lyricism is a wonderful thing. I love listening to an MC who can paint pictures in my heart and mind with nothing more than a few clever bars. However, I don't always need the extra sounds in my head. Sometimes I need to zone out in my own thoughts, which is one of the reasons I love jazz; throw on some Miles or Monk and drift away. On some occasions I prefer to drift away to the sounds of music with a little bit of a harder edge to it. Not that jazz doesn't feature enough of it's own, sometimes I just need that boom-bap, nod factor ish.

Two at the top of my current list are Soulful's Mellow Life and Strada's Acoustic Treatment.

Even though this album is a year old, it's sound new and fresh each time I listen to it. I just wish I was smart enough to post it a long time ago.

Download: Soulful - The Mellow Life

Unlike The Mellow Life, Acoustic Treatment is an album comprised of songs that once featured vocals. What's interesting about the album is that without Wordsmith doing his thing, the beats sound completely different. I realize Strada "fine tuned" them, which I take to mean "added a little more spice to ensure that they could stand alone," but there's a depth to the songs that you don't necessarily hear when vocals are added.

Download: Strada- Accoustic Treatment

If you're like me and need lyrics to disappear from your listening experience from time-to-time, both of these albums will get you to that zone out place you're looking for.

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