Nas Is...Perplexing

Consistent isn't something Nas has been called many times over the span of his career. After releasing a classic freshman album that had people calling him the second coming of Rakim, Nas took his wordplay and storytelling talents to an imaginary land much like South Beach when the blunts, bomber jackets and skullies were replaced with Cuban cigars, "Street Dreams" and pink suits.

Then, after taking a Firm detour, Nas returned to solo status first as a pharaoh and then again as a monk. A few more years into his career, and after the death of his mother and Jay-Z-induced three-piece to the jaw, listeners were treated to a collection songs on Stillmatic and God's Son that were the closest thing to "Nasty" Nas in years. Yet, the album that came just before God's Son was the album that generated as many answers as it did questions.

Upon hearing The Lost Tapes, it always perplexed me as to why Nas chose to go with tracks like You Owe Me over My Way or Nastradamus instead of Purple. I can't be the only one who thinks that had Nas put many of the "lost" tracks on the actual albums he dropped in the late 90's, Jay-Z wouldn't have had much to go on for Takeover. And at the very least Nas' "hot album" average would have been higher, right?

As Nas prepares to "own the streets again" with the upcoming second installment of The Lost Tapes, Cookin' Soul, the remix kings, decided to step in and breathe some new life into a handful of Nas' most popular songs.

Hopefully, Nas get a chance to check this project out. Cookin' Soul could definitely help the notoriously-terrible beat selector. So could Pete Rock and Premier, but that may be too much to ask.

Joints to Check for:

NY State of Mind Pt. II (ft Rakim)
Last Real N!gg@ Alive
Life's A B!tch
2nd Childhood

Cookin' Soul presents Nas- The Lost Tapes 1.5 (mixed by Don Cannon)

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