Nas Is...Still Perplexing

As a follow-up to yesterday's post about the potential release of the second installment of The Lost Tapes, Nas once again sat down with MTV to talk about missing the intended date of release for the album and where's he's currently focusing his energy.

To be clear, yesterday's post quoted an article from last year, so there is no intention to paint Nas a flip-flopper in consecutive days. I'm actually in full support of an artist standing up for his/her rights to deliver their music in the timeframe and manner in which they so choose. What's perplexing is why Nas is rocking a Roscoe Dash haircut. Or is a Shyne?

Actually, let me take that back. I should know better than to be surprised by anything Nas does at this point. If Manny can be Manny, so too can it be called Nas being Nas. Here's to hoping that the label drama will provide Nas with the fire to create a dope follow up to Nigger Untitled.

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