Postcard From Abroad

It may be a new year, but Tabi Bonney is still up to his old tricks. With yesterday's release of his second mixtape Postcard From Abroad, Bonney continues his ascension from that Place Called Stardom to his Happy Home.

With not one of the songs going over three and a half minutes and a few clocking in under a a minute and a half, Bonney uses short, but efficient strokes of his pen to expound on his fly guy lifestyle and position in the music industry and encouragement for everyone to reach their dreams. Playing his role as Pete Rock to Bonney's C.L. Smooth, DJ Smiles Davis serves up an eclectic collection of sounds that allow Bonney to showcase his uncanny ability to rock over what can best be described as "unbalanced" beats. For example, check out Now's The Time, where the melody and drums fight for attention as Bonney sits in the middle of the fray explaining why there's no better time than now.

The most refreshing thing about Bonney is that he continues to carve out a lane that is all his own- whether it's making references to himself as, "Mr. Bonney, the Michael Bubble of the hood," or Spooning With Success. Numerous artists struggle with expanding their topical horizons or finding new ways to speak on reoccurring ones, while Bonney is seemingly impervious to the mundane. Postcard From Abroad in a short and efficient manner is yet another reason Bonney needed to, "take down the sign that says 'Do Not Disturb.'" His time is whenever he decides to take it!

LRG presents Smiles Davis & Tabi Bonney- Postcard From Abroad


While we're here, check out the first video offering from Postcard, Garfield Fishbones, which was shot on location in China.

OKP on the video assist!

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