Stoner Music

Straight from George Kush[ing] Da Button, Smoke Dza returns with another dose of stoner music. Teaming up with Mac Miller, Always Been features the two MCs talking about what they do best- Ms. Mary Jane.

It'd be easy to write Dza's brand of marijuana-influenced music off, but you could be making a big mistake by doing so. While artistry is about challenging one's boundaries, there's something to be said for an artist who recognizes his/her strength and puts their energy into maximizing it. So while Dza may be making his way towards redundancy, the flip side could be that he's building a brand of consistency.

As a critical observer and lover of HipHop I could easily write words supporting either side of the coin. In this case, I choose the later because I classify Dza's brand of HipHop as feel good music. I don't smoke, but listening to it can be just as relaxing as lighting up. And is sounds like that's "always been" his goal.

Smoke Dza ft Mac Miller- Always Been (Produced by Big K.R.I.T.)

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