Thursday Throwback: Heather B.

It's been a minute since I've done one of these posts, so I knew I was going to get one in today. The "problem" is that it can difficult to narrow down who I'm going to shine the spotlight on. The choices are endless, and the inspiration for the chosen artist comes from random places at times. Today is a perfect example.

Recently, I've been spending my days at work going through mp3 files to ensure that they are tagged properly. This afternoon I was on a Big Pun run when Twinz came on. Typically, I don't like top notch classics getting remade, but Pun and Joe did justice to the track that introduced Snoop to the world.

As Pun and Joe go back and forth one upping and co-signing each other's gangsta resume, Pun' last line in his last verse instantly became the inspiration for today's spotlight artist.

So without further ado, remember Heather B.?

While most people probably remember Heather from her days starring on The Real World (the first rapper with a reality show?), I always remember her as an MC,  first and foremost.

As the times dictated in the early and mid-90's, Heather's style was that of the hardcore female; which in essence means she was a tom boy used to hanging with dudes who looked at her more as "one of the guys" than a mountain that needed to be conquered.

Depending on how often you roll through the site, it might be something of a known fact that I like a lot female MC's. Just as I own Lyte and Latifah's first albums, I copped Heather B.'s Takin Mine as well. The album features Heather's rugged B-Girl style going toe-to-toe with the boom-bap production of BDP's Kenny Parker and The Beatminerz.

Since Big Pun's line of defiance started this whole post, it's only right that I start with the song encouraging the streets to chill.

All Glocks Down

I remember the days when I thought this type of chick was the ish. Matter of fact, I might need to find one of these types just to see what's good. lol

Next up; this video was truly on some NYC ish. Dirty train, hardcore beats and rhymes and I believe my first introduction to the Mash Out Posse.

One of the hardest bass lines ever!

For more information on Heather B., hit her Wiki page. Apparently, she back in the studio with DJ Premier working on new material.

Picture courtesy of Billboard

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