Victory Is Hers

Having already proven herself a Champion, RAtheMC is back to take her Victory Lap.

Considering Heart of a Champion was her best work since the Mixtape About Something, following up on such a great project could have proven to be a difficult task. Instead, RA easily rises to the occassion by using Victory to switch things up a little bit. Whereas RA's previous mixtapes have put the majority of the focus her rhyming and singing skills, Victory starts a little differently.

No longer needing to prove her skills on every track, Victory highlights and spotlights the feminine side of the talented MC and songstress more than any of her previous projects. The best part of it is that she finds a way to bring it without oversexualizing herself like many of the mainstream femcees have had to do. And as a female MC, finding that balance between expressing love, sexuality and sensuality and proving oneself as a force comparable to the guys has to be one of the hardest- and most daunting- challenges.

Yet, RA seems to do it with ease. That's exactly why she can take this Victory Lap! And if you really pay attention you'll immediately realize that there's more than a few to follow.

Joints to Check For:
Victory Lap
4 The Belt (ft X.O., Gordo Brega & AB the Producer)
Gettin' To It (ft Pro'Verb)
I Don't See Nobody (ft. Ricky Parker)

Studio 43 and All HipHop Radio present- Victory Lap

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