Better Late Than Never

With the number of rappers equalling the U.S.'s budget deficit it can be difficult for some artists to stand out amongst the ever growing crowd. There are, however, instances where a person breaks through, yet quickly falls back into the crowd. Sometimes it's not their fault.

As I music blogger, I listen to an inordinate amount of music. It may not seem like it based on the number of daily posts, but it's true. And I take it on as a job to highlight and showcase artists that I personally like, respect and that are working hard to achieve their dreams. It doesn't always equal a post, but that's a whole other conversation.

A little less than a year ago, I downloaded Wale's Oh Let's Do It freestyle and a song called Who Don't. Both songs were different looks for Wale, but dope as hell. They also featured some guy named Fat Trel. Up until that point, I had never heard of him. His verses on the songs ensured that I would never forget him.
Unfortunately, I did. So I was completely M.I.A. when his No Secrets mixtape dropped last summer. Fortunately, I was given a chance to redeem myself when, at the behest of my dude Modi, I downloaded the 'tape and gave it a thorough listen. What I found was, in essence, D.C.'s interpretation of the sounds coming from the South.

In a nutshell, Fat Trel is to DC what Waka Flocka is to ATL a couple of years ago, but better. Whereas Waka's whole game is the beat and the hook, Trel actually has the lyrics that make you pay attention. In fact, as his numerous references to the Boss suggest, Trel is more like Rick Ross. The only difference is that Ross has perfected his word play and flow while Trel's is still coming into its own. 

As a dude in my mid-30's who sits at a desk for 40+ hours a week, I don't listen to as much hardcore street music as I did when I was younger. But that doesn't mean I appreciate it any less. On the contrary, my taste have grown to include a wider range of music, but my love for it remains as strong as ever. No Secrets was the return to the streets that I needed.

Before checking out the 'tape, peep Trel's video for Cremate 'Em.

Joints to Check For:

Deep Thought
Cold Blood
Just My Kinda Girl
Patron in My Cup (ft Meatchi)

Fat Trel - No Secrets

Picture courtesy of SoulFlight

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