The Kirkout Hour- The New Jack Swingin'

It's been a minute since Boney Starks checked in with a new edition of his always dope podcast. Thankfully, he's back in the swing of things. As the artwork above indicates, this month's podcast highlights the sound created and popularized by Teddy Riley. If you were anywhere near a radio or TV with a video show on it in the late 80's through the 90's, it's almost impossible to have not heard the style of R&B known as "New Jack Swing." 

Starting with Riley's own group Guy and reaching all the way up to Michael Jackson, the greatest artist ever, New Jack Swing became an unstoppable force by bridging the gap and blurring the lines between R&B and HipHop. I know some may argue that it also lead to HipHop becoming watered down, but
"New Jack Swing" did a lot to help legitimize HipHop when it was still fighting for respect in both music and from the masses. It almost seems unthinkable today, but HipHop may not have become the force that it is today without the introduction of a "softer side."

Teddy Riley will go down in history as a game changer. The style genre he created may not sound exactly the same, but you hear its influence every day in 99% of the songs playing on your favorite radio station. Long live "New Jack Swing."

Boney Starks presents The Kirkout Hour- New Jack Swing Edition

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