Davey D: Connected Fo' Life

Davey D. is one of the most cited and respected journalists, radio personalities and activists in the HipHop community. Posessing a voice and frame of mind that always stands up for those that can't speak up for themselves, Davey is someone who can be counted on to do the right thing. When an icon and legend such as himself posts a link to an old school mix he's done on Twitter, I have no choice but to do the right thing, download it and give it a listen.
Check out his new Connected Fo' Life mix which features joints from artists ranging from Mack 10 to Biggie to Roxanne Shante to Richie Rich to Sam Sneed. The mix is truly a walk through time as Davey drops classic gems from NY to CA.

Davey D- Connected Fo' Life

For more information on Davey D., including HipHop and political news and commentary, make sure you swing over to Davey D.'s blog. I learn something everytime I visit.

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