The First Step

Yesterday I had the opportunity introduce to producer Maverick's in-depth knowledge of HipHop samples, mixing and interesting memories of late 90s R&B on the first episode of Gadget's Real Producers of the DMV.

Today, I get to introduce you to the D.M.V. transplant's (He's originally from Baton Rouge) new instrumental mixtape The First Step. According to Oddisee, who mixed (sound not turntables) the project, this is Maverick's first release.

The 'tape features ten soulful, mid-tempo instrumentals and a bonus track featuring Bilal Salaam. As you listen to the tracks that are neatly packed into 90 second flashes, you'll notice a few flips of various familiar samples. Meanwhile, looking through the titles reveals another side of Maverick's creativity as each track title is inspired by the name of a film.

Joints to Check For:

Adrenaline Rush Hour
Don't Leave the Light On
Chocolate City Shuffle
When Speakers Spoke

Maverick- The First Step

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