Green & Yellow

Now that it's officially Super Bowl week, I can renew my hatred for the Steelers by cheering for the Packers. It's actually kind of weird. I've never had a reason to cheer for the Packers. I don't hate the franchise, but there's never really been a reason for me to give two sh!ts about them. Wait, I take that back. It would have been nice if they could have beaten Elway in '97, but that's about the extent of it.

Last week I was getting my sports fix and I came across the hilarious video below as I was doing some research on the red head.

I could elaborate on what I want the Packers to do to the Steelers on Sunday, but I'ma turn it over to Slick Mahoney instead.

Slick Mahoney ft The Packers- Go Grab My Belt

I couldn't have said it any better without having to say "pause."

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