Philadelphia Prestige

It should be evident that I'm a Black Thought fan. I'd be hard pressed to find a time when Thought didn't bring it, but if there was ever a criticism that could be placed on the Illadelph MC, it would be the lack of material.

Through the years, there has been talk of Thought releasing a solo album. At another point, he was said to be doing a collaborative project with Danger Mouse a la Gnarles Barkley. Ultimately, neither of these projects came out, so all we have to rely on is the destruction (in a good way) he causes on The Roots albums. Luckily for fans that subscribe to the "lack of material" argument, things are about to change.

Joining forces with known and rising MCs from the "City of Brotherly Thug Love," Thought and his new band of brothers, known as the Money Making Jam Boys, dropped their debut mixtape with streetwear pioneers 10 Deep last week. With The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic, members Black Thought, Dice Raw, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and STS set out to remind the world that the Philly continues to be relevant in the South-dominated landscape. The 'tape features the MC collective rhyming over original production from ?uestlove and Frank Knuckles along with re-imaginations of classic HipHop tracks from the "Golden Era." And just to make sure it's all the way live, super DJs Mick Boogie and Terry Urban lend their prestigious mixing skills to the project.

Joints to Check For:

500 Horses (ft Jazzy Jeff)
Judgement Day
Coming Out Hard (WOW!)
Hear You Say (ft Khari Mateen)
Brass Knuckles (ft DJ Omega)

10 Deep & Mick Boogie present Money Making Jam Boys- The Prestige

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