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It probably wasn't the official start of the relationship, but ever since Run DMC and Aerosmith Walk[ed] This Way, HipHop and rock have been kissing cousins and kindred spirits.

As HipHop and rap grew in prominence in the late 80's and 90's, rock music fell into a free fall. Rock had been the voice of the rebellious youth, but many of them gravitated to the hardcore realities and experiences coming from the voices of HipHop and Urban America.

Rock continues to take a back seat to HipHop in the new millennium, but there have been artists along the way that have made their careers living in between the two genres. Take, for instance, the HipHop pioneering group the Beastie Boys. While joints like Brass Monkey are classic HipHop, they've spent the majority of their career rapping over rock tracks that featured various elements that were birthed in HipHop. Other groups like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park are known for doing the same. Linkin Park even teamed up with Jay-Z to merge their recordings into a commercially-released mash-up album entitled Collision Course.

The examples above are just a few of the artists blurring the lines between HipHop and rock. There are countless others who are making a name for themselves by bringing their own flavor to it. On February 24, I Am PR  and the White House Band are bringing rap and rock together at DCNine. Representing the rock side of the equation will be White House Band and Hollis Brown, while 368's Phil Ade and InnerLoop's Lyriciss will be holding it down for HipHop.

More on Rap Rocks:
Rap Rocks was created to celebrate everything Hip Hop/ Rock and featuring performances from Rap Rock bands. The mission is to create a huge movement that unifies people of all walks of life to enjoy a night of great music. Rap Rocks is more than a show, it's a community....

The White House Band at Crash Mansion

Rap Rocks will also be invading SXSW:

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