The Real Producers of the DMV: Episode I

When the issue of sampling rose into prominence a lot of the original artists being sampled were painting HipHop producers as simpleton thiefs who didn't appreciate or respect the music they were sourcing to create their own masterpieces. Yet, if you talked to the producers themselves, you would have walked away with an impression that was 180 degrees the opposite. Years later, the debate is all but dead, but the conversations about the sampler's genius continue on.
In the first edition of Digital Hustle's The Real Producers of the DMV, Gadget links up with DJ Quartermaine, Oddisee, DJ RBI, Maverick, Hec Dolo, Toine of DTMD as they talk about producers, the origins of some of your favorite samples and the equipment they used to create them, along with other insights including the worst mixed HipHop album ever, a Splackavelli name drop and Will.I.Am's producer credentials.

Peep the science and learn something while you're at it.

I love these types of conversations!

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